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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the acrylic used for Kickstands is not available locally and as such restocking may take much longer than usual. There is currently no estimate for when Kickstands will be back in stock. Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Strong enough to hold a full weight Kustom keyboard while clocking in at a mere 1.5oz, Kickstand is a simple low profile solution for displaying all of your keyboards.

Kickstand is a clear, lightweight keyboard display stand intended for home and travel use. Kickstands are designed to snap-together so you can bring them disassembled to meetups packed flat for easy transportation.

Kickstand is made from 1/8in thick acrylic. Handle accordingly.

Physical dimensions:

  • 3.6in tall x 3.4in deep x 4.25in wide
  • 4.4in hypotenuse
  • 1/3in shelf

Keyboards with rounded front bezels (large vintage boards) may have trouble sitting on Kickstand's 1/3in shelf.