Robot Candy Company goods can be acquired at (or below) their retail value in a few ways: Retail sales, FCFS sales, raffle sale, group buys, commissions, and giveaways. Each of these terms is defined below so that you can be best prepared for our sale events.

Retail sale:

Retail sales include all items that are sold directly from our website and are "First Come First Served". These items are typically already made and ready to ship, though sometimes pre-orders are available, and will be clearly marked as such. Many of these items will be restocked as time and resources allow, so if you see something you like and it’s out of stock, come back in a few days and check to see if it’s been restocked.

Raffle Sale:

Unlike a FCFS sale, a raffle sale allows people to enter for a chance to buy our goods over a set period of time, after which winners are drawn and have a set period of time to complete their purchase. We typically will announce raffle sales via social media to give everyone a fair chance to participate and leave the entry form open for 24 hours so that no timezone is favored. Items in a Raffle Sale are in stock and ready to ship.

Group Buy:

A group buy allows participants to buy the exact items that they want with a longer lead time because the items are made on demand. Terms, available items and fulfillment timeline will be explained in each group buy.


On a case-by-case basis, we accept commissions for custom colors, patterns, and encapsulations. If you are interested in a one-of-a-kind design, you can use our contact form to get in touch and we will work with you to achieve your desired idea.


From time-to-time, we will hold giveaways via our social media channels including Instagram and Reddit. Giveaways may have winners selected at random or require specific tasks to be completed to be eligible, and those terms will be made clear in each giveaway. Giveaways do not require participants to be past customers and do not give any advantage to past customers.